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“Truth to Ponder” is both a Radio Show and Podcast addressing some of the most incredible issues facing our nation and our world today. We live in a time full of evil and seduction, where it seems what was considered wrong is now right, and what was considered right is now wrong. Why is this happening, and what can we do to survive this time of upheaval and coming tribulation? Bob Biermann, host of “Truth to Ponder,” shares from a lifetime of insight, and brings you truth in a time of deception.

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Bob is on the road this week…

Even though Bob is on the road this week, there are new epsiodes for the program for each day. The most current epsiode is posted to our partner podcast sites at 3 PM Eastern Time. Because of the difficulty in trying to have the programs loaded to the website during his time away, you can access all of this week’s programs from the links below.

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Is Shortwave Viable?

For the past few weeks, I have been asking the question “Is being on shortwave radio viable?” Several listeners have sent me emails and even regular mail indicating that they are listening on...

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Week Three

Monday September 14th began the third week for the show, “Truth to Ponder.” It has been quite an undertaking, and a lot of work to produce this radio show. Often, when you listen to a show of this...

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