Where to Listen on Radio

“Truth to Ponder” with Bob Biermann is heard as both a radio show and a podcast. The show is currently airing on International Shortwave plus select domestic radio stations and can be heard around the world.

As a Podcast the program is heard on an ever-growing list of the popular Podcasting sites which are listed on this page. As new sites are added, those sites will be added to this page.


Our primary station is WRMI in Okeechobee, Florida. WRMI is one of the largest non-government owned Shortwave facilities in the world. The program can be heard across North America and into much of Europe.

Here is a list of current times and frequencies you can hear the broadcast.

Radio Station WRMI
Okeechobee, Florida-USA

5950 kHz at 5:00 PM Eastern Time Monday-Friday
9395 kHz at 6:00 PM Eastern Time Monday-Friday
5950 kHz at 10:00 PM Eastern Time Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
9455 kHz 8:00 PM Pacific Time Monday-Friday
15770 kHz 10:00 AM Eastern, 15:00 UTC Monday-Thursday
15770 kHz 3:00 PM Eastern, 20:00 UTC Monday Only

Radio Station KVOH
Los Angeles (Simi Rancho), CA

9975 kHz 8 PM Pacific Time

WZLA-FM 92.9
Abbeville, SC

Sunday 12 Noon