Is it time to take “Truth to Ponder” to the next level?

Since August 31, 2020, Truth to Ponder has been producing a daily radio program and podcast. The program has continued steady growth since the very first week. It was the summer of 2020 when bob Biermann decided that there was too much incorrect information regarding the pandemic, plus the implosion of our western culture. During these many months, the program has taken on many important issues.

In recent weeks, Bob has been praying about taking this radio program and podcast to a new level. Currently, this program is a “one-man operation.” That means that Bob does all the research, writes, hosts, records, edits, and distributes the program to the various radio stations and podcast sites. Each episode takes hours to complete. Bob also takes care of incoming emails and ensures the monthly bills are paid, plus maintains the website.

Since the beginning, Bob has not taken a paycheck for his time, and either has anyone else. The question is should Bob consider adding some part-time staff at some point to help with research, perhaps helping with software that can create a written transcript of the program, and even lining up guests. Perhaps some people can volunteer time. Maybe some of this could be a paying position. One idea is to rebuild the website into a magazine format that includes articles and videos.

As the program has grown, we are thankful for the privilege to reach as many people as we do on International Shortwave and podcast. Pray about what the next step should be. If you have any thoughts or would like to help, contact host Bob Biermann at