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Welcome to the Truth to Ponder "Church Project"

As many regular listeners to “Truth to Ponder” may already know, Program Host, Bob Biermann, spent many years in active church ministry. Bob was ordained later in life and pursued his studies while working for the broadcast ministries of Toccoa Falls College, a Christian college located in Northeast Georgia. Bob was in his early 40s when he was ordained.

His ministry had him serving churches in North Carolina, Florida, and South Carolina, and now his ministry is continuing in Virginia and beyond. Bob has a true passion for ministry, particularly in preaching, teaching, and evangelism. Since the launch of “Truth to Ponder” in 2020, Bob has been praying for God’s leading in either returning or at least spending more time in his “First Love,” the ministry.

For several years, both Bob and his wife, Lori, have been praying and waiting on the Lord for direction. It seemed that God was quiet on that issue, then the pandemic hit in early 2020. For many churches, their ministries were either shut down or minimized. Some churches have never recovered.

There is no doubt that the world, including the United States and Canada, is getting more hostile to people of faith. Churches suffered even stricter restrictions than other organizations and businesses during the pandemic. Sadly, many churches were not prepared for an extended time of restrictions and even persecution.

For the first time in years, God is now opening a door of ministry, but not just for a small “local church.” Leveraging the power of radio, developing our own online platforms and resources, and building a body of believers over a large area is now possible. It is also hoped that this “church project” can be the catalyst for developing small groups of believers, home churches, and even an association of home school families that can share resources.

This is a developing project that needs your prayers and support. While Bob’s denominational background is Traditional Anglican, Bob has been very led to develop this ministry on far more non-denominational lines. The core should be preaching and teaching and empowering. Look over these pages for this project, and pray that God can use this to reach His people in these troubled times.  We invite you to visit the church website at