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The Church Hub

Located between Chilhowie and Marion, Virginia in the Southwestern part of the State, Trinity Chapel, the parent ministry for the Church Project is located in a building in the 7 Mile Ford Community. This building is in a small neighborhood in a partially rural setting, though located just off Interstate 81 and Highway 11 (Lee Highway). For years, this church served its community, but like many small churches, the congregation grew older, and eventually, they were unable to maintain the facility.

This building again is serving the small neighborhood and nearby communities, but it also is serving a larger purpose. This building serves as the “home church” for people without a church. Trinity Chapel is able to use this location to conduct worship services that are seen and participated in online or on shortwave radio by those that are not able to find a faithful church. The building also serves as the production center for developing online resources and videos for Affordable Christian Home-Schooling endeavors.

Currently, this building is being leased for a very affordable rate and it also be purchased if desired or feasible. In recent months, we have done extensive work and the much-needed improvements to make this building functional.  We have given the building a full cleanup, painting and electrical work and lighting replacement. We have serviced the HVAC system and cleaned up the property.

Most important, we have installed multiple cameras for recording and streaming and a completely upgraded sound and music system. We are also getting ready to add TV monitors in the sanctuary to aid in the service. We have invested in local radio and newspaper advertising. In the very near future, we will add a live radio broadcast, both locally on an FM radio station and internationally on shortwave.