Recent News

New Station!

Starting on January 1, 2021, Truth to Ponder will be heard on KVOH, based in Simi Valley, CA. KVOH is one of the stations of “The Voice of Hope.” The program will air on their shortwave service at 8 PM Pacific Time on the frequency of 9975 kHz. The target area includes Mexico and Central America, most of the Southeastern United States including all of Texas, parts of the Middle Atlantic, Florida, and virtually all of the Caribbean, as well as part of South America. The program will air Monday through Saturday. You can find out more about the Voice of Hope at

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Is Shortwave Viable?

For the past few weeks, I have been asking the question “Is being on shortwave radio viable?” Several listeners have sent me emails and even regular mail indicating that they are listening on Shortwave. For all that have taken the time to let me know that you actually are there has been particularly important to me to know, however, some airings will probably have to be let go. Shortwave airtime is not free, and “Truth to Ponder” is not underwritten by some large organization or ministry. Truth to Ponder started with a “seed gift” from a dear friend who encouraged me to consider doing such a program. My wife and I are mostly retired, and our personal budget is not sufficient enough for us to underwrite such a venture for very long.

I have learned from replies that there are some that are unable to listen to the program as a podcast, and I understand that. Some can hear it both on air and online. As it stands now, it appears that most are hearing the program at either 4 PM or 6 PM Eastern time. If I chose one of those two times, which should it be? Or could I split the difference and air the program at 5:00 PM Eastern on 9455 KHz?

For this program to be helpful and useful a few things need to happen. First, more people need to know the show is on radio and online. Second, the program will need additional outlets. Third, the program will need some listener support. Even the smallest of gifts can help maintain this program. There are three ways you can help. First, from the website “Can You Help” page, you can make a secure donation through PayPal™. If you listen from Anchor Podcast you can use the following link: For those that prefer, you can also mail your support to Bob Biermann, 21 Berkshire Lane #263, Sky Valley, GA 30537.

I want to thank all those that have been listening, and I pray we can maintain our current schedule at WRMI. Be in prayer, and thank you in advance.      

Week Three

Monday September 14th began the third week for the show, “Truth to Ponder.” It has been quite an undertaking, and a lot of work to produce this radio show. Often, when you listen to a show of this nature, the guy (or gal) on the air makes it sound so easy. However, in my case I am totally a solo act. Not only am I the host, I do the research, look for guests, produce and engineer the show, maintain the website, and distribute the program. It takes several hours for each episode produce.

I am not complaining, as even though it is a lot of work, I believe there is a significant need for this type of radio show on shortwave, and podcast. We will in a vastly different world than just a year ago, and even more do that just a few decades ago. Our world is seemingly drifting into uncharted waters.

My hope is to bring to information for you to have, to better navigate these strange waters. You take time to share your thoughts with me, and make some suggestions for topics? It would mean the world to me.

The Delayed Start Of the Program

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What happened to the first airing? For almost a year, I have been contemplating putting together an additional radio show. For weeks I debated a name and decided to go with “Truth to Ponder.” The next step was to build this simple website you are viewing this post on now. As the pieces started coming together, and airtime on WRMI booked, I set up a tentative start date of August 10, 2020. When I recorded my regular “Your Weekend Show” broadcast I even announced the start date. Well, something happened.

A family member in Florida has been needing some minor surgery, and we had agreed to be back at our home in Florida for a couple of weeks to help her out. I also had a few technical things I promised to address at Radio Station WRMI. We thought we would be making this trip in mid-September, but that has now been moved to mid-August. Because it is impractical to load up and move all the recording equipment for a short trip, I decided to move the start date to August 31, 2020, which is a Monday. Unfortunately, I was unable to re-record the weekend radio show, so the error is still there.