Month: September 2020

Week Three

Monday September 14th began the third week for the show, “Truth to Ponder.” It has been quite an undertaking, and a lot of work to produce this radio show. Often, when you listen to a show of this nature, the guy (or gal) on the air makes it sound so easy. However, in my case I am totally a solo act. Not only am I the host, I do the research, look for guests, produce and engineer the show, maintain the website, and distribute the program. It takes several hours for each episode produce.

I am not complaining, as even though it is a lot of work, I believe there is a significant need for this type of radio show on shortwave, and podcast. We will in a vastly different world than just a year ago, and even more do that just a few decades ago. Our world is seemingly drifting into uncharted waters.

My hope is to bring to information for you to have, to better navigate these strange waters. You take time to share your thoughts with me, and make some suggestions for topics? It would mean the world to me.