What happened to the first airing? For almost a year, I have been contemplating putting together an additional radio show. For weeks I debated a name and decided to go with “Truth to Ponder.” The next step was to build this simple website you are viewing this post on now. As the pieces started coming together, and airtime on WRMI booked, I set up a tentative start date of August 10, 2020. When I recorded my regular “Your Weekend Show” broadcast I even announced the start date. Well, something happened.

A family member in Florida has been needing some minor surgery, and we had agreed to be back at our home in Florida for a couple of weeks to help her out. I also had a few technical things I promised to address at Radio Station WRMI. We thought we would be making this trip in mid-September, but that has now been moved to mid-August. Because it is impractical to load up and move all the recording equipment for a short trip, I decided to move the start date to August 31, 2020, which is a Monday. Unfortunately, I was unable to re-record the weekend radio show, so the error is still there.