Welcome to the “Truth to Ponder” video page. On this page you will find a number of videos to help you understand the factual truth of our world today. Some of the videos are produced by Bob Biermann as part of his video podcasting efforts. Other videos on this page are videos that have been deemed to have violated some obscure “Community Standard” of one of the major monopoly Tech Tyrants, such as YouTube™ or Facebook™. When we can, we obtain copies and host them on our own servers.

It appears that even though an item is true, the Tech Tyrants will follow a specific political narrative and take them down to keep you ill-informed. We hope you learn from all of these videos and share the vital information with your family and friends.

Even though “Truth to Ponder” does use various Social Media platforms, we realize that our days will be number for committing the cardinal sin of sharing factual truth, and not leftist narrative. Conservatives and Christians are in danger of being placed in an Internet Ghetto. We will need our own platforms to keep connected.

Back in the Middle of August, Bob was the guest on a Podcast/Videocast that originates from Australia.

Dr. Anthony Fauci on wearing a
face masks from May of 2020


Today we are told that we all need to wear a mask to save ourselves from the Coronavirus. Governors, City Councils, County governments, and various municipalities have imposed various mandates and orders requiring the wearing of a mask or some type of face coverings. Is wearing a mask effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19? You would think the “face” of the Whitehouse Pandemic response would (at age 79) know if a face covering was useful, but like everything, it appears that Dr. Fauci changes his mind on any political whim. He is the “eminent doctor” giving his lifetime of medical advice not that many weeks ago.

How many must die?

A Doctor who has successfully treated patients with Hydroxychloroquine. This video, like any other doctor that disagrees with the YouTube™ narrative is taken down so you cannot see the truth. Dr. Brian C. Procter who has used the hydroxychloroquine protocol with 100% success.

Since April, he has treated over 75 COVID patients early-on which is the absolute key to success. None of his patients have had to go to the ER, be put on a ventilator, have EKG’s or CT-scans run, nor died. He has had no one suffer any kind of cardio-vascular problems from his treatment protocol.